Education for Understanding: A Model for Cross Cultural Outreach

Dr. Patricia Tolmie
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The Winona State University service area in southeastern Minnesota, U.S.A., is comprised of a homogeneous population. In order to break stereotypes, create tolerance for other human beings, and work together cooperatively, Winona State University promotes exposure to cross cultural diversity through its Cross Cultural Outreach Program. The Winona State University International Student Office developed this model for outreach that allows for face to face interaction among the WSU international students and residents of the WSU service area. The program allows local residents of the service area to meet and interact with people across the globe—people that they otherwise may never have had an opportunity to meet. This presentation will explain the components of the model and how the components work together to promote education for understanding.

Keywords: Education, Cross Cultural, University Outreach, Outreach Program, International Education
Stream: Community, Culture, Globalisation
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Dr. Patricia Tolmie

Professor, Teacher Education Department, Winona State University

Dr. Patricia Tolmie has taught at Winona State University and in schools in southeastern Minnesota for more than three decades. At Winona State University, she is the instructor of the course "Teaching International Students How to Teach About Their Cultures" which prepares international students to share their countries and cultures with others in the Winona State University service area. Dr. Tolmie has traveled, lived, and taught in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Her connections with international students at Winona State University has convinced her that cross cultural education is necessary in the era of globalization.

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